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Women’s Resource Center’s Annual Appeal

As a nonprofit agency serving Newport and Bristol Counties, Women’s Resource Center (WRC) relies on various funding sources to provide advocacy, education and support to victims of domestic violence and their families. The annual appeal is one of the most important revenue sources in achieving our community outreach goals.

The 2016 appeal will focus on neighborhoods, with the idea that building a stronger sense of community encourages people to look out for one another while also encouraging those individuals who are in need of help to reach out and ask for it.

This concept is directly related to WRC’s Newport Health Equity Zone (HEZ) project, which involves taking a community approach for improving the health and wellness of area residents. The idea – and the hope – is that an increase in wellbeing  and connectedness will result in a decrease in domestic and relationship violence.

While domestic violence prevention advocates have made inroads through legislative policy, working with police departments and community organizations to change attitudes, and implementing marketing efforts to provide outreach and raise  awareness, even one incident of domestic violence is one too many.

Here in Newport and Bristol County alone, the statistics are sobering. In 2015, WRC fielded 1,687 calls on its 24-hour hotline and provided 1,302 individuals with some type of assistance.

In addition, WRC provided:

2,726 bed nights in its safe home for victims of domestic violence/homeless (18 adults and 21 children)

2,369 bed nights in its transitional housing (6 adults and 11 children)

Help with obtaining 60 temporary restraining orders for people in crisis and provided an average of 10 services for each individual.

1,499 counseling sessions

Service to 322 clients in the Family Violence Options Advocacy Program

That’s why WRC needs your help. The 2016 appeal provides the money that allows WRC to continue its free programs and services to those in need. When you receive your appeal mailer, please consider making a tax-deductible gift to the WRC. You’re part of the neighborhood, too.