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Survivor Spotlight: Tanya’s Story

Tanya has had a long road. Her abuser forced her to leave their home, after a 13-year long marriage, with her daughter in the middle of the night. With nowhere to go and no resources, she called the Women’s Resource Center. From there, our staff took over, making sure the family was safe and connected with people who would help them. First, Tanya received safe shelter from our organization. When she was ready, both her and her daughter began seeing a counselor, completely free of cost. After several years of working with the Family Violence Option Advocacy Program, Tanya is feeling more empowered than ever.

She is mustering up the courage to file for divorce from her abuser, who she is still legally married too. “I no longer want to live in fear,” Tanya said when asked about her new goals. “I want to provide a safe and strong life for myself and my daughter.”