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Survivor Spotlight: Ruth’s Story

Post Series: Survivor Spotlight

Ruth had been in a relationship for about two years, everything was perfect until she became pregnant. Her boyfriend’s demeanor changed over night. He became protective and vigilant over her every move. Once their son was born, Ruth decided she wanted to enroll in CNA training and work part time.  Although her boyfriend did not stop her from doing so, he began accusing her of wanting to leave the home and her son so she could meet other men and leave him.

Ruth’s boyfriend followed her, harassed her while she was at school and interrogated her when she got home.  One night after a heated argument her boyfriend attempted to smother her with a pillow. Ruth was able to fight her way out of his grip. That night her boyfriend stated that he would kill her if she left him, this was the first of several times this threat was made.

One day before Ruth went to work, her boyfriend requested that she stay home. When she did not comply with the request he followed her outside to her car. Ruth tried driving away but her boyfriend followed her hitting her vehicle several times. Despite this, Ruth did not give in and immediately drove to the police station. She ran in and reported the situation the best she could as she is not fluent in English.

Ruth’s boyfriend was so angry that he entered the police station and demanded she go home with him. When she refused to go with him he became so aggressive that the police interfered. Ruth was in shock to see his behavior even in the presence of police, she knew she could not go back with him. That day, she was able to express her feelings of fear and reported for the first time, everything she had been living through. Ruth’s boyfriend was arrested and she was referred to Domestic Violence services and DHS.

Although Ruth was shaken up by all the events of that day, she was still in high spirits. She knew that she had to be brave not only for herself but also for her son. That day she requested an address block and a child support waiver. Ruth began looking for a place of her own and requested our emergency funds to help complete the first months rent and deposit for her new apartment. She just found a place to move into and has not had to miss a day of work, all within one month. Ruth says that she’s looking forward to her future.

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