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Survivor Spotlight: Rita’s Story


The Women’s Resource Center was first contacted by Rita when her husband was arrested for domestic simple assault.

The Women’s Resource Center’s Court Advocate spoke at length with Rita about all available options, taking time to explain the court process in detail.  He also discussed possible dispositions for the case and advocated for her to prosecute against her abuser.

Rita was referred to our free counseling program, and began seeing a therapist regularly to deal with the emotional and physical trauma that her abuser had left her with.  Later, her case was “thrown out” and she gained protection from the court’s “no contact order.”  Despite this measure, Rita decided that enough was enough for her. She decided to file for divorce and end the cycle of abuse, which she had endured for so many years.

This is the power of the Women’s Resource Center, and a testament to the lives we touch with our programs every day.