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Survivor Spotlight: Patience’s Story

Post Series: Survivor Spotlight

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Patience left her abusive partner after enduring years of emotional, physical and verbal abuse. The final straw came for Patience when her wife pushed her down the stairs, bruising her tailbone and breaking her ankle, in front of their son. Patience became acquainted with the Women’s Resource Center when a friend suggested she get help. The first meeting was held in a private office at the adult day care center where she works part-time as a CNA. Through the course of her work with WRC, Patience reclaimed her power as she filed for divorce from her spouse, secured new housing, and is in the process of filing for sole custody of their son.

The Law Enforcement and Court Advocates at WRC helped Patience navigate the process of securing a restraining order and filing for divorce from her abusive partner. Patience told her WRC advocate that she was looking forward to living her life without fearing her abuser will show up in public places, as there was a time where she was unable to even grocery shop or work due to this fear. Her child is also now in school and her job allows her to remain close to her son’s school. Mother and son also travel together on public transportation on a daily basis. Patience’s hard work and courage to seek help from the Women’s Resource Center literally saved her and her son’s life.

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