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Survivor Spotlight: Karla’s Story

Post Series: Survivor Spotlight

Image result for domestic violence survivorKarla fled from out-of-state with her five children. She had no family or close friends in

Rhode Island. She applied at the Department of Human Services for “everything” available and requested a Child Support Waiver and Work Waiver while locating resources and services in the community. Karla and her children were able to go into the Women’s Resource Center’s shelter, providing a safe haven from the chaos that was their lives.

Within the work waiver period, the Family Violence Option Advocacy Program (FVOAP) staff assisted Karla; the children were registered and started to attend school, and Karla took the TABE test and enrolled in CNA classes. Because she was doing so well securing independence, Karla requested the closing of her Work Waiver one month earlier than the reassessment date. She felt that she finally was on the path to get back on her feet, take control over her circumstances, and overcome what she and her family had endured while living with her abuser.

The FVOAP remained constant in the family’s lives while Karla moved forward and worked toward her goals.

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