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Survivor Spotlight: Jessica’s Story

Post Series: Survivor Spotlight

Jessica had been facing longtime verbal, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend would make threats not only to her but to her family members that if they ever told anyone about their relationship, they would pay the price. Jessica became connected with the WRC first when she was pregnant with twins. She wanted to wait until the babies were born before she left her abuser. After the children were born, Jessica was still working and still living with her boyfriend. However, due to family support and help from advocates at the center, Jessica took her children away from that toxic environment and the absent parent.

Through all of it, Jessica always maintained a positive attitude that things were going to get better. Although it was challenging, she has made it possible for her family to live in a safe environment. Jessica is finishing her last semester of school and taking care of her now walking 6 month old twins.

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