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Survivor Spotlight: Janina’s Story


Janina was a victim of violence long before she was domestically abused.

She grew up in an abusive and traumatic household. As a child, her parents would use physical beatings as a way to discipline her and her younger sister. As is common with victims of violence, she unfortunately perpetuated this cycle of abuse as an adult, and chose an abusive partner.

Janina first came to the Women’s Resource Center to file a restraining order and was assisted by our Court Advocacy program.  The Advocates implemented a safety plan with Janina, encouraging her to move away from this cycle of abuse. They also worked with the sheriff’s department to ensure a quick service of the restraining order.

Despite the mental, physical and emotional hardships it took to leave her abuser, Janina did it, thanks to the Women’s Resource Center. After receiving our help, she was able to get full custody of her children and protection from her abuser, who had been in her life for over a decade.