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Survivor Spotlight: Jane’s Story

Post Series: Survivor Spotlight

It’s always amazing to hear stories about women who dare to dream big and create their own happy ending. Jane first reached out for help and reported she was living with her parents, who despite their cultural beliefs, were supporting her on her decision of divorcing her abusive husband, after disclosing to them what she endured while still with him. Jane suffered from long term emotional abuse as well as several physical incidents. However, with the support of her family and DHS services, Jane went back to school while still working and children safety in their grandparents arms.

Jane will soon graduate with honors and next step planned was going after a master degree. The divorce was final and the child support was settled. New employment opportunities also came her way and she is now making enough money to support her family on her own;  DHS is beginning to close her case. The most exciting news Jane had to share, was that she just got pre-approved to buy a house, something she wasn’t sure she would be able to do for a long time. She got emotional telling all the good news, Jane eyes got teary as she explained that last year feels too much like a dream. “Remember me at the beginning?” she said “I can’t believe it.” “You were right when told me I have to believe in myself and I will find the strength within me to do what is good for my family and do it right”. Jane is eager to get in contact with other women to tell her story and encourage them to fight for themselves, their families and their dreams.

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