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Survivor Spotlight: Derrik’s Story

Post Series: Survivor Spotlight

Derrik was married to a woman and has two young boys. He worked as a commercial fisherman so was away at sea for days. When he would return, his wife would always be drunk, drugged up, and the children neglected. When he tried to speak with her,she became violent and verbally aggressive in front of the children. Derrik felt trapped because he was the one working to make ends meet and had no other relatives to support him. His last trip he made as a fisherman was truly his last trip.

Derrik returned and the two boys were at school but the house was a disaster. There was no food in the house and it was a disgusting mess. Derrik searched for his wife but could not find her. He called the school to make sure his boys were safe, thankfully they were. Suddenly, he saw his wife walking down the street towards their home staggering drunk and seemingly drugged with a man that was holding her . He ran out to see if she was ok. When he approached them, she told him to go away and that she was with this man now.  

At that time, Derrik picked up the children from school, brought them to a hotel with some bags and proceeded to take some control of the situation. He had to quit his job because he was the sole caregiver and that job would not allow him to be there as often has he needed to be. Derrik went to DHS for help on what to do in order to ensure the best thing for his children.

DHS assisted him with AAF, Emergency funds and advocacy. Three months later, Derrik now has a new career that allows him to spend much more time with his sons as well as a new apartment for them to live in.

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