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Support the Women’s Resource Center this Giving Season!

Dear Friends,

The Women’s Resource Center holds a unique place in our community. Unlike many gift-worthy causes, the physical and emotional consequences of domestic violence for individuals and families are most often hidden. We know for a fact that one in three of us will experience it. Yet, this reality is unseen by most of us. However, every day people muster the courage to find support, counsel, and a safe place to stay – away from a home or a relationship that has become too dangerous for them.

As supporters and donors, we will not be able to tour a Women’s Resource Center safe space to meet someone who has stopped sleeping in car with their children, walking for hours so they do not have to go home or who took the risk of action and hope. But unseen does not mean unimportant. In fact, unseen amplifies the need for support and funding because the need is hidden.

I urge everyone to take a moment and imagine what it would be like to fear your partner or a family member, fear your home and need a place to turn for help to get out and reclaim your life. The Women’s Resource Center is the only domestic violence resource in the entire East Bay. The challenge is real. The people are real. They are us. One in three of us. Every gift counts. That is why I am asking for yours.

I support the Women’s Resource Center for deeply personal reasons, out of respect for the team, and for the quality and impact of their role. It is satisfying to know that I have in a small way helped someone to feel safe, and to feel that they are not alone. I hope that you will join me.

Thank you for your continued support of the Women’s Resource Center and the survivors we serve. If you’ve yet to give to our annual appeal, please donate today!


Maureen Cronin

Board of Directors

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