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Jessica And Penelope

Special Edition: Pet Safe Potter League Partnership

Dear Friends,

I’m really excited about this special edition of our newsletter, highlighting our ongoing partnership with the Potter League for Animals. Our work is only possible through collaboration, and I love having the opportunity to share more about a successful collaboration. This particular partnership is critical to our pet-owning clients, and makes it possible for us to help survivors and their families (including beloved pets) find safety, healing, and ultimately peace.

I have had pets my entire life; I know first hand the emotional support pets provide. (How do they always know when you’ve had a bad day?) Penelope, my Potter pet, was my daughter’s first friend, and has been a playmate throughout the pandemic when so much social interaction has been limited. She also provides a sense of security, alerting us to unusual noises, to cars in the driveway, to the mail delivery (and every squirrel that comes in the yard.)

I can understand why so many survivors are unwilling to leave their pets behind when fleeing abuse, like the brave survivor who shares her story below. Not only are pets part of the family, but they also provide support when survivors and their children need it most. Through our partnership with the Potter League, we are able to remove one more barrier to clients seeking safety.

I hope you enjoy learning more about the amazing work the Potter League is doing to support the mission of the Women’s Resource Center. We are grateful for their partnership and leadership on this critical aspect of our work.

In Solidarity,
Jessica Walsh
Executive Director

P.S. Penelope was decidedly NOT excited to take this selfie with me because I interrupted her all-day nap.

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