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24 Hour Helpline – 1-800-494-8100
Advocacy and support for those seeking assistance and safety from domestic violence and abuse. Referrals offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, collect calls accepted. We do not use caller ID and all our calls are blocked to ensure safety and confidentiality. Call the 24 Hour Helpline at 1-800-494-8100.

Licensed therapists provide individual therapy to women and men who have been victims of adult domestic violence and/or for children who have witnessed. All insurances are accepted. Uninsured individuals are welcomed. Call 401-846-5263 for more information.

Court Advocates
Court Advocates provide support and education to domestic violence victims who are navigating all aspects of the court system. This person will support you through the legal process. They will explain your rights as a victim of a crime, the court process and what to expect in court. The court advocate can also convey your wishes to the prosecutors and will be present at the arraignment, pretrial and trial. You can speak to them about the case and ask questions.  They can speak to the Judge on your behalf. Call 401-846-5263 for more information.

Drop-In Center
Services are available for people who are in need of referrals, support, or advocacy. In person services are available by appointment. Call 401-846-5263 for more information.

Law Enforcement Advocate (LEA) 
The Law Enforcement Advocate is trained in issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. The LEA provides immediate crisis intervention and assistance to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in conjunction with your police department and court advocacy program. This advocate can also accompany victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to hospital, if wanted for medical treatment of injuries related to crime. Call 401-846-5263 for more information.

Shelter Services
We provide a safe, confidential shelter for abused women and their children. Shelter is available to men at a different location. This program empowers victims of domestic abuse to be independent and assists victims to secure affordable housing. Call 800-494-8100 to speak with an advocate who will be able to direct you.

Transitional Housing
The Transitional Housing Program of the Women’s Resource Center has been established to provide support and services to survivors of domestic violence and their children.  It is designed to serve as a bridge between shelter and more permanent affordable housing. The Transitional Housing Program stay is a minimum of six months that can be extended up to twenty-four months. The goals of the program are to assist residents in finding safe and affordable housing, assist residents in developing and achieving personal goals, assist residents in developing good parenting skills, and assist residents in developing problem solving skills. Call 401-846-5263 for more information.

Support Groups
Our free and confidential support groups are for women dealing with current or past domestic violence and/or abuse (physical, emotional and/or sexual). Call 401-585-4097 or email for more information, additional therapy sessions and to join.