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Sydney Ormerod Graduation

June News & Updates

Dear Friends,

June is a month of celebrations: Juneteenth, Pride, Graduations, Fathers’ Day. All are reminders, in their own way, of the need to bring an intersectional lens to our work.

Domestic violence knows no boundaries and impacts all demographics, but it impacts some groups differently. Our young people who are graduating this month are in the age group at the highest risk for experiencing intimate partner violence. Black, non-Hispanic teenagers are at an even higher risk than there white and Latino peers. LGBTQIA+ individuals are also at higher risk for relationship violence. All of these groups often face additional barriers to accessing the support that they need.

As we take this moment to celebrate, let’s take a moment to affirm our commitment to addressing the systemic barriers that put some groups at greater risk of domestic violence, and make it harder for those same folks to access the services and protections they need.

In Solidarity,

Jessica Walsh

Executive Director

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