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Survivor Spotlight: Clara’s Story

Post Series: Survivor Spotlight

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The Women’s Resource Center assisted Clara, a young woman who was seeking a divorce from her abuser. After being connected to RI Legal Aid through the Women’s Resource Center, she was able to obtain support in getting her divorce. For many years, Clara feared facing her abuser, whom she had been with since she was 11 years old, and was so nervous about seeing him in court, she often got sick beforehand.

With the help of the Women’s Resource Center’s Court Advocacy Program, Clara felt empowered enough to move forward with leaving her abuser in the dust once and for all. At the divorce proceedings, child support was established, along with reasonable visitation rights for Clara’s children. After the proceedings, she came in to the reassessment meeting with her Women’s Resource Center advocate feeling accomplished and relieved to have this part of her life settled.

Clara is proud to be working part-time as an office assistant at a doctors office, the first time she has worked in her life due to her abuser’s control over her. During the assessment, she requested a Good Cause Removal of the child support waiver and her case is now closed successfully, thanks to the guidance of the Women’s Resource Center’s advocates.