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Charlottesville: Acknowledging the Root Causes of Violence

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) extends its sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of Heather Heyer and other victims recovering from the emotional and physical trauma of the recent Charlottesville, Virginia violence.

We condemn the racist, anti-Semitic and unjust actions of white supremacists whose evil is rooted in power, privilege, and control over others.

Our agency is focused on the prevention of domestic violence which typically occurs behind closed doors in the home. It, too, is rooted in power, privilege, and control over others. But, violence is violence. And violence begets violence. It’s a social injustice that simply needs to end.

The first step is to acknowledge and examine the root cause of the violence. As a nation and as individuals, we cannot pretend that prejudice and intolerance does not exist. We need to look inside ourselves and within our communities, and fully commit to having potentially difficult conversations about racism, sexism, gender or religious bias, hatred, bigotry, and rage. We need to challenge all forms of oppression.

For the past decade, the Women’s Resource Center has considered anti-oppression principles to be integral to ending domestic violence. Judgmental thinking and misunderstanding can cause pain and humiliation and propagate oppressive behaviors. At the root of peaceful existence for all life on Earth is respect for all people.

Our hearts are with those who speak out against injustice. We are inspired by the people all over the country who are standing up to and speaking out against the white nationalism and violent acts that occurred in Virginia. As a proud member of the national “Move to End Violence” against girls and women in the United States, the WRC is committed to making the work of eradicating racism a priority in our community. Envisioning a future free from violence starts within each of us acting as agents for such change, leading the way to a better world.


Lori N. DiPersio

Executive Director, Women’s Resource Center