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April News & Updates

Dear Friends,

As we prepare to celebrate the mothers and mother figures in our lives this Sunday, I want to take a moment to honor all the people who have been navigating this pandemic in a momming role. Almost overnight, everything about parenting became that much harder—from finding childcare to getting groceries, from managing schooling to figuring out how to work ourselves. Two years later, many of the struggles have morphed, but the elevated demands of mothers (and fathers) remain. To all the moms out there—I see you, and I hope that you are finding time to breathe.

At the WRC we have a lot of mothers and mother figures on staff. I have watched these amazing folks care for their children while simultaneously digging deep to care for their clients and community. I have appreciated getting to know all the babies and young ones as we worked remotely. To the moms working here at the WRC—I see you, too.

We of course have many clients who are mothers and mother figures. These survivors have been navigating multiple crises at once; for them, trying to keep their family safe over the past two years involved layers of challenge that many of us have never had to consider. To the survivor moms in our community—I see you, too.

On this Mother’s Day, let’s have some #realtalk— let’s ask the moms in our lives how they are coping, and really listen to their responses. And if we are asked that question, let’s be honest in our response. It’s okay to not be okay.

When I reflect on the last two years, to be honest, I’m not sure how I have juggled it all. When my 6 year old informs me that I’m “called to a meeting in the morning” to discuss an issue that is on her mind, I hope that at a minimum, these past couple years have let her see what it means to be a fierce mama and a fierce advocate, simultaneously.

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Solidarity,

Jessica Walsh

Executive Director

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