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Staff Contact Information

Erica Baker, LMHC, Counseling Program Manager, 401-585-4097

Megan Bradley, LMHC, Counselor

Sara Brown-Knight, LMHC, Counselor

Susan Donoghue, Finance Manager, 401-856-4380

Melaina Emidy, Transitional Housing Advocate, 401-236-8362

Erin Flannery, Family Violence Option Advocate, 401-236-8356

Milena Furano, Systems Advocate – Crisis and Law Enforcement, 401-236-8358

Elizabeth Gallagher, LGBTQ+ Advocate, 401-648-9870

Ricky Guerrero, Systems Advocacy Manager, 401-236-8361

Natalie Harris, Community Health Worker Fellow, 401-236-8344

Misty Jackson, Court Advocate, 401-236-8355

Becky Knight, Office Manager, 401-236-8365

Janisse Lee, Family Violence Option Advocate, 401-236-8357

Taryn Mazza, Administrative Assistant, 401-648-9488

Latisha Michel, Health Equity Zone Strategy Manager, 401-236-8377

Amanda Minor, Ph.D., Counselor

Katanga Norville, Family Violence Option Advocate, 401-236-8342

Sydney Ormerod, Director of Prevention, 401-856-4391

Aida Ortiz, Family Violence Option Advocate, 401-236-8353

Suzanne Raposa, LICSW, MSW, Counselor

Chelsea Shapiro, COVID Advocate, 401-856-4396

Eugenia Silva, LMHC, Counselor

Nisha Sundararaj, LMHC, Counselor

Jessica Walsh, Executive Director, 401-236-8345

Megan Whelan, Director of Client Services, 401-236-8363

Marcia Whalen, MS, Counselor

Jazmine Wray, Housing Advocacy Manager, 401-856-4396