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Survivor Spotlight: Janina’s Story

Janina was a victim of violence long before she was domestically abused. She grew up in an abusive and traumatic household. As a child, her parents would use physical beatings as a way to discipline her and her younger sister. As…

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Survivor Spotlight: Rita’s Story

The Women's Resource Center was first contacted by Rita when her husband was arrested for domestic simple assault. The Women's Resource Center's Court Advocate spoke at length with Rita about all available options, taking time to explain the court process in detail.  He also…

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Survivor Spotlight: Maura’s Story

Maura was in a long-term abusive relationship. As time went on, dependency on her partner increased as she relied on him for housing, food, money, and more.  Soon, the control escalated, and Maura became a victim of domestic violence. One day,…

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