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Survivor Spotlight: Trina’s Story

In the course of working with a victim of abuse, our staff often uncovers additional issues that need to be addressed.  Typically it is an underlying or hidden issue that is causing distress in the relationship. Such was the case with Trina.   The Women's…

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Survivor Spotlight: Harriet’s Story

Harriet contacted the Women's Resource Center in need of financial help. She needed help organizing her finances and making smart choices for her family. The staff at the Women's Resource Center assisted her with getting started with the Allstate Financial Empowerment training. …

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Survivor Spotlight: Renee’s Story

Renee called Family Violence Option Advocacy Program for assistance from a RI hospital. She was recently displaced from her home. Her husband had physically assaulted her while she was pregnant and the police were called. Because it was evident that…

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