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You have many options to donate to the Women's Resource Center (WRC).  You may send a check through the mail to: 114 Touro Street, Newport, RI 02840.   Call and use your credit card over the phone or you may use our online donation program.  Please locate the "donate now" button and follow the simple directions.

Old or used cell phones are welcomed.  Drop-offs are accepted at either office locations in Warren or Newport.

Donations may be given to support a specific program, an event, or to honor or memoralize a person.  Call 401-846-5263 if you would like more information.

Disclosure:   Per State regulations, the Women's Resource Center is unable to accept donations of stuffed animals or used mattresses.  Additionaly, the WRC is unable to accept any used items such as furniture or clothing.  All items must be new and and in its original packaging.  If any donations are unable to be used by the WRC, they will be forwarded to "Big Sisters."   Please call our office at 401-846-5263 and we will help you find a suitable donation location for your items.