Newport: 401-846-5263 | 24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-494-8100 |

Email Addresses & Phone Extensions

Direct line is 236-8 followed by the 3 digit extension

Susan Alexander, Court Advocate, ext. 364

Barbara Jean Austin, Counselor, Newport, ext. 321

Meg Bartlett, Counselor, Newport, ext. 369

Zoila Bernal, Family Violence Option Advocate, ext .356

Suzanne Brushart, Counselor, Newport & Warren, ext. 341

Kathy Christie, Counselor, Warren, 400-2460

Sandra Chito, Blackstone, ext. 349

Alicia Connor, Court Advocate, ext. 363

Lori N. DiPersio, Executive Director, ext. 350

Elizabeth Fuerte, Community Organizer, ext. 370

Julianna Hamor, Law Enforcement Advocate, ext. 358

Sharon King, Family Violence Option Advocacy Director, ext. 342

Mary Lake, Administrative Assistant & Billing Clerk, Ext. 365

Jean Lambert, Administration, ext. 359

Shirley Moore, Family Violence Option Advocate, ext. 357

Aida Ortiz, Family Violence Option Advocate, ext. 353

Sydney Ormerod, Community Organizer

Holly Paiva, Bookkeeper, ext. 368

Shelter Advocates, Ext. 362

Yvonne Short, Shelter Manager, ext. 361

Veronica “Ronna” Turner, Counselor, ext. 346

Jessica Walsh, Director of Prevention, ext. 345

Megan Whelan, Court Advocate, ext. 363